Sunday, February 22, 2009



I love to shot little things like insect and flowers. I will invest for a better macro lens in future.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Life with Nikon D80 - Zoo Melaka

With Nikon D80, i able to take better photo with greater zoom.

Here is a sample photo of normal digital camera and DLSR. DLSR is fully manual and can be adjust to any mode that you want.

Video About Nikon D80

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I know you guys prefer to watch rather to read, so i post this video to introduce about Nikon D80. Enjoy it.

My Nikon D80 story begins...

I bought my 1st DSLR through Online Purchase. This is my 2nd experience in online purchase.

Date: 22/03/08(Friday), I found a 2nd hand D80 selling in cari forum( . The seller located in Johor and selling in a very attractive price. The seller told me that the condition of camera is in mint condition with few sample of photo and it is only 3month old with unfilled warranty card,shutter count about 3k++. The seller is a worker from a camera shop and helping his customer to sell the camera. I was told that the reason of selling is because the customer bought a better camera which cost him about RM 16,000.It is a first come first serve basics. I've spent about 1 day to do survey on the seller and I decide to buy from him. Luckily,I'm the first person who paid via atm machine. Finally, I get the camera on 26/03/08.

Date: 26/03/08, I received my camera from nationwide express.It is a very effective service company. I received by the next day after delivery. The camera is in a nice packing condition & it is tied with safety tag as you can see in the photo.

After i removed the security tag.

After i removed the black plastic cover, there is another layer of plastic covered the camera box.

The cd and warranty card is placed on the top.

The camera & filter is placed on the btm.

The camera body and lens is packed nicely with plastics.

As you can see in photo, the camera is just like new in mint condition.

Finally, this is the package that i get : D80 Body, Kit Lens, Charger, 2 x Filter, Battery, cd, cable and unfilled warranty card.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Company Background : Nikon

Introduction :
Nikon corporation is specialized in imaging products especially in camera.

History :
The history of Nikon dates back to 1917 when three of Japan's leading optical manufacturers merged to form a fully integrated optical company.

Nikon In Malaysia
Nikon Malaysia Sdn Bhd was established in April year 2001 and now represents Nikon Corporation's presence. Nikon has established a strong base in Malaysia through local distributor & essentially the exclusive rights to distribute and market the complete range of Nikon imaging products throughout East & West Malaysia.

[ Reference : ]

Nikon D80
This is the camera that I'm using.

Introduction of Tcsoon

Well, I will start the blog by little introduction of myself...

Good day, my name is Soon Tuang Cheong from historical city of Melaka. You guys can call me tc or Soon. I'm Male, 21++ years old and born in year 1987. I'm currently a marketing student in Multimedia University campus Melaka. For your information, this is my first blog and i created it because of assignment. The company that i selected is NIKON DSLR as I'm using Nikon DSLR camera Modal D80. I love photo shooting especially outdoor macro shooting like lanscpae and insects. My english is poor and i never blog. If I've done any mistakes, please improve me by posting comments on my blog.

Thanks for viewing, feel free to comment.